T  Jam

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Tyrone Deselle Tinsley (born August 4,1972) known by the stage name T Jam, an American singer, songwriter, and music producer who started out as a DJ and dancer in the late 80’s. He was soon recognized by many in and around his hometown of East Palo Alto, California.  His professional debut started in the early 90’s as a DJ for Tandem Records, rap recording artists Rated X, Jive/Funktown Records, rap recording artists Blackjack, and also Tommy Boy, rap recording artists, Mac & A.K. He danced at the Zohar Studios in Palo Alto, California and went on to perform in various shows. He started a DJ service called T Jam's DJ Service in the 90's while touring with groups and by 2001 he relocated the Sacramento, California and moving up in music entertainment by starting First Tyme Entertainment. He designed it to promote and work with up and coming artists. 
Music has always been a part of T Jam's life, but his sounds have not been his struggle. He was born with poor vision, muscle and joint pain. He recently found out it's a condition called Stickler's syndrome. It is a debilitating condition but he doesn't let it stop him. He has always written songs and helped others develop their music. He hasn't made time for his own music until now. He has said it is time to let these songs out of his head, off the paper, and into your ears. 'Cause being proud of what you do and what you have done can keep one strong. God has blessed T Jam with many talents and he's glad he was blessed with the love for music. DJ/producer Tyler Hanson is currently running First Tyme Entertainment.  T Jam and Hanson's O.W.K. members have teamed together to reintroduce First Tyme Entertainment and rebuild within the new music culture of today. And as for 2013, T Jam's album titled "Mixed Emotions" will hit the streets for all to hear.